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Proposal for the Declaration of Rights of Terminally Ill Children
Dra. Lisbeth Quesada Tristán

I have the right… 

  • To be seen and conceived as an autonomous being, and not the property of my parents, doctors or society.
  • To have my opinion considered when decisions are made, since I am the one who is sick.
  • To cry.
  • To not be alone.
  • To invent fantasies.
  • To play; because even while dying, I am still a child.
  • To control my pain from my first day of life.
  • To be told the truth about my condition. That my questions be answered honestly and truthfully.
  • To have my needs comprehensively considered.
  • To have a dignified death, surrounded by my loved ones and my most beloved objects.
  • To die at home and not in a hospital, if I want to.
  • To feel and express my fears.
  • To receive help for me and my parents to work through my death.
  • To feel anger, rage, and frustration about my illness.
  • To refuse to continue receiving treatment when there is no cure for my disease, but a good quality of life.
  • To hospice care if I want it.
  • To be sedated when facing my death, if I wish.
  • To be free from pain when diagnostic and treatment procedures are carried out for my illness.
  • For my parents to understand that although I love them very much, I am going to be born to a new life.